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A  new face on the Pest promenade: VígVarjú restaurant

The Vigadó, located right in the centre of the Danube promenade in Pest, is unique in its location as well as its architecture, but also because it has been the scene of buzzing social life of the busy inner city since 1833.

This Greek Revival style building has always been home to the highest culture as well as mirth. In the three decades following its opening, it was a constant favourite among the revelling Pest public, and its managers competed in conjuring up the most extravagant ideas to make their event stand out. The House has seen a skating ball, fancy dress party with Jókai’s novel characters, or an elegant reception with lavish props, sailor-suit military band and a goldfish pool.

From November 2017, this vibrant and lively venue is the new home of the youngest VakVarjú family member, the similarly colourful, jolly and extremely bohemian VígVarjú.
Come and learn how to revel and have great meals in style, and live up to the motto of Hungarian lords of the olden days: “We only live once!”. It is a new shade on the palette of Hungarian restaurants, where we strive to stand out by serving new delicacies each day.
We are waiting for you with live piano music at evenings, kids corner with kindly babysitter.
Once you feel that being and eating at us is even better than at home, then we fulfilled our mission.

vígvarjú staff

Family and business events,
tourist groups


The prestigious VígVarjú Restaurant is an excellent choice for celebrating the important moments of your life, but for business events it is just as magnificent!

Blow your birthday candles on the Gallery, opposite the main entrance, where up to 20 guests can cheer you. Or if you wish to hold more private family or business events, we can also provide a solution. In our separate room of 40-50 guests your family, business partners or colleagues will be comfortable. Your company or family events (baptism, wedding anniversary, birthday… etc.) are in the best hands here, because we provide excellent service!
We are pleased to create a unique menu offer, or you may choose from our rich selection.

Be our guest at the VígVarjú in the Pest Vigadó!

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