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Daily menu


vígvarjú étterem

4th of December
Turkey ragout soup with parsley noodles
Fried pork chop in breadcrumbs coat with macaroni milanaise
Apple strudel with vanilla sauce


vígvarjú étterem

5th of December
Potato cream soup with sour cream and bacon chips
Fried chicken breast with basil potato purée
Choco brownie with strawberry sauce


6th of December
Vegetable soup Provance style
Turkey ragout with dill-cottage cheese pasta
Dumpling filled with hazelnut cream and cookie-crumbs


vígvarjú étterem

7th of December
Hot apple soup with cinnamon
Lasagne with chicken breast and spinach
Carrot cake with mascarpone


vígvarjú étterem

8th of December
Ragout soup with green bean and potato
Roasted pork chop with cauliflower and bechamel sauce
Poppy seed pie with pumpkin

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