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Winter courses from Chef Zsolt’s Kitchen

Duck liver layered „gerbaud cake” with lamb lettuce and honeyed balsamico vinegar
2490 Ft
Watercress soup with cripy prawn cracker
1250 Ft
Chicken breasth with oyster mushroom garnished with snap peas risotto
2870 Ft
Aged T-bone steak with Yorkshire pudding and Churchill sauce
5950 Ft
Seared duck foie gras served on salty pancakes with hungarian kadarka wine reduction
5590 Ft
Vanilla flavoured goat cheese tart
1290 Ft


Selection of three eggplant appetizers with fresh vegetables and home-made flatbread
1690 HUF
VakVarjú pig’s brain on toast with red onion salad
1690 HUF
Soft goat cheese with honeycomb, red beet cream and coloured beetroot salad
1980 HUF
Fat duck liver paté topped with Tokaj sweet wine jelly served with toasted milk loaf
2590 HUF
Beefsteak tartar with chives butter and pickled onion
2690 HUF


Red cheddar cheese cream soup with roasted pepper pesto and corn chips
1150 HUF
Forest mushroom cappuccino with thyme mousse and parmesan crisp
1190 HUF
Chicken consomme served with home made noodles and julienne vegetables
1190 HUF
Hungarian goulash soup
1390 HUF
Boar ragout soup with forest mushrooms and potato dumpling
1390 HUF

Main courses

Grilled chicken breast with grilled vegetables and quinoa
2690 HUF
Chicken breast roasted in bread, stuffed with Lajta cheese and smoked ham served with apple-celery-mixed salad and roasted walnut
2850 HUF
Rosé duck-breast with cabbage pasta, honey-apple caramel and lavender jelly
3290 HUF
Strozzapreti pasta with duck, porcini mushroom, served with pecorino cheese flakes
3190 HUF
VakVarjú Schnitzel with Wiener potato salad
2790 HUF
Fried pork cutlets stuffed with spicy pig’s brain ragout served with roasted onion mixed jasmin rice
2790 HUF
Crispy squealer knuckle with bavarian cabbage, roasted potato dumpling and rosemary jus
2980 HUF
Slowly braised pork tenderloin mignons with porcini stew and sour cream, served with paprika-roesti potato
3090 HUF
Slow cooked beef cheeks with bacon-egg barley and cucumber salsa
2850 HUF
Beef tenderloin steak with letcho-pearl barley and bacon chips
5490 HUF
Roasted venison thigh with creamed roast vegetable sauce served with speck dumplings
3690 HUF
Grilled pike-perch fillet with cauliflower risotto and fish greaves
3690 HUF
Salmon steak served with mashed sweet-potato, couscous with vegetables and citrus vinaigrette
3990 HUF
Fiori pasta with ricotta cheese, in a porcini mushroom-chervil sauce
2980 HUF
Grilled goat cheese with Jerusalem artichoke-beetroot risotto
2890 HUF

Salads and pickles

Home-made sweet cabbage salad
490 HUF
Cucumber salad with sour
550 HUF
Tomato salad
550 HUF
Pickled hungarian apple pepper (hot)
480 HUF
VakVarjú’s salad
(fresh vegetables with spicy salad dressing)
690 HUF


Cottage cheese dumpling with macaroon flavoured sour cream
1090 HUF
Kaiserschmarrn with home made apricot jam
1150 HUF
VakVarjú Somló-style sponge cake
1190 HUF
Floating island with caramel and walnut crumbs
1050 HUF
Chocolate Soufflé with redcurrant and mulberry chutney, served with creamy vanilla mousse
1190 HUF
Lemon-yogurt mousse served in a cup with strawberry jam and xylit
1090 HUF

Menu for children (under 120 cm) dedicate from Danny DeVito

Plate of chicken soup with vegetables and one of these delicacies below:
Cat trap
(fried cheese with steamed rice)
Chicken run
(fried chicken breast with pommes frites)
Nemo’s favourite
(fried fish fingers with mashed potato)
Pinocchio’s favourite
Spaghetti Bolognese with grated cheese

1290 HUF

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