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Our Chef’s offer

Chef Zsolt’s offer in December

Ginger flavoured pumpkin cream soup with thyme mousse and roast almonds
1150 HUF
Breast of pullet crusted with ham, stuffed with goat cheese and pear, served with mashed potato and figs steamed with honey
3190 HUF
Slow roasted pork belly rolled with quince cream, rosemary sauce,
served with cheddar cheese layered batata gratin
3250 HUF
Oven backed wild boar loin with cranberry jus and pumpkin-redbeet mixed pearl barley
4290 HUF
Rosemary seasoned, confited duck thigh with sherry flavoured sauce served with potato dumplings pan-fried with sweet cabbage
3350 HUF
Hungarian bread pudding with poppy seeds and blueberries topped with vanilla sauce
1190 HUF

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