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VakVarjú Manufactory

During the past years we have received countless feedback from our guests and each time after mentioning food and drink the talk went on about the crow.

Our foreign and Hungarian guests alike are eager to take this lovely funny creature home as a souvenir.
This gave us the idea to have a selection of Varju objects made that are funny or useful. Since 2014 these carefully selected and high quality souvenirs are available in VakVarju Restaurants.

“Varjú-things” with humour
VakVarjú mug: 990 Huf/piece
VakVarjú lego: 650 Huf/piece
VakVarjú Baby on board: 150 Huf/piece
VakVarjú T-shirt (more design and colour): 2650 Huf/piece

VakVarjú Manufacture
VarjúPapa’s rosé wine: 2950 Huf/bottle
VarjúPapa’s pálinka: 3900 Huf/bottle

VakVarjú beer glass and beer jug

AranyVarjú beer jug: 990 Huf/piece
AranyVarjú beer glass: 890 Huf/piece

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